Private Revelation Fatima


     In 1908, King Carlos of Portugal was assassinated by two Republican activist snipers in Lisbon as he traveled in an open carriage with the royal family (1).  The Republic swiftly replaced the Monarchy. Previous to the assassination, Portugal was one of the most Catholic Countries in the world.  After the government change, the victorious revolutionaries saw the Church as the enemy, as it had supported the state. Catholics in Portugal became targeted with Religious persecutions. One action among many was to exile the Churches highest authority, the Cardinal Patriarch.

     The new Republic sought social change and political objectives. However, there was much more at stake than they could realize.  They were unable to perceive their roll in an emerging grand design.  A mosaic that reveals itself only when we look at a series of seemingly unrelated events, that many believe hold profound significance for the entire world, even today.  Pieces of the puzzle include; the world at war, Rasputin, the execution of Nicholas the second (the last Tsar of Russia), the slaying of the Empress and her children, as well as Lennon’s rise to power. And particularly, the extraordinary experience of three young shepherd children tending their flock among the Serra da Estrela Mountains of Portugal in the year 1917. More than 70,000 experienced the climax to the children’s story.  What really happened at the Cova da Iria in 1917?  To understand, it is essential to examine the sequence of events and the implications of this extraordinary phenomenon. Is there is a thread that can be followed that ties the past to the present, and present to the future?  Something that explains why millions throughout the world remember three poor shepherd children? Why there are millions committed to act and respond to the message of Fatima?

     Three little children predicted a public Miracle. They identified the date, place and time. And something actually occurred as predicted.  This cannot be simply dismissed as fraud, a hoax, or an illusion. Something really happened there. The Church was skeptical, even to the point of trying to thwart it.  Afterwards, newspapers wrote about it worldwide. They referred to it as the "Miracle of the Sun".

Incorruptible Jacinta Marto (born 1910 - died 1920) exhumation and reburial photos

     Jacinta Marto at age 7 was one of the three original visionaries at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. She was born in 1910 and died in 1920. In both 1935 and 1951 her body was exhumed and in each instance, her body was found to be incorrupt. The Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima was built on the site where the three children first saw "a lady brighter than the sun" and Jacinta's tomb has remained there since 1951.

     Aside from atheists, non-Catholic Christian groups find the events of Fatima to be a very difficult hurtle to overcome.  For a different reason, many of these Christians simply regard Mary as essentially a birthing vessel.  For that particular reason, Marian Apparitions appear to be uniquely Catholic, as most other forms of Christian based beliefs are unable to understanding Mary's role.  A comparative or proportional analogy would be the Arc of the Covenant from the Old Testament, Jewish Talmud or Torah.  The Arc was so Holy, that God gave very specific instructions as to how this Vessel should be built.  Every single detail, as from what wood should be used, from what metal to be employed, from how to hold it, to how to carry it, etc.  And God doesn't only provide these details once, He does so twice.  God even warned that if it starts to tip, or starts to fall, don't touch it.  This is a Holy thing.  When the Israelites built this Container and place the Ten Commandments within, it possessed incredible power.  Armies who held it before them, won their victories.  Recall the story of when the Israelites were transporting the Ark in an ox-cart, they hit a bump and it started to tip, someone put their hand up to balance it and was struck dead.  God warned them, don't touch it, this is a Holy thing.  King David, when he recovered the Ark, in Jewish tradition, every seven steps he did a little dance proclaiming "we got the Ark back!"  We recall the Bible story of how he got into an argument with his wife, who accused him of making a fool out of himself.  He said to her: "You don't understand.  We got the Ark back!  We got the Ark back!"  He knew there was tremendous power there.  And if there was so much power because the things in the Arc were touched by the Finger of God, how much more power would there actually be in the Container that held the actual Finger of God?  And not just the Finger, but the Hand.  And not just the Hand, but the whole Body of God Incarnate.  And how much more Holy of a Vessel would you need to hold that?  And that's what Mary is.  And how much more purity and power is there in Mary, the Living Ark, Mother of God, God's Masterpiece.

     The German Army invaded France in August 1914 occupying large areas of that country.  In 1916, the Battle of the Somme raged (an offensive by the British and French armies against the German Army). This was one of the largest battles of the First World War which left 2.25 million casualties on the Western Front.  In 1917, far removed from the evil and ferocity of war, three young children tended their sheep on peaceful Serra da Estrela Mountains of Portugal.  They could not read or write and had little or no knowledge of the war.  They were certainly unaware of the critical events taking place at that time in Russia.  Russia was the world's largest single state ruled by the Tsar.  The Industrial Revolution brought about nearly slave labor conditions and worker revolts.  In 1905, a group of unarmed peaceful demonstrators including woman and children (organized by Father Gapon) marched to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II.  They were gunned down by the Imperial Guard, the death toll was in the hundreds. The event became known as Bloody Sunday (2).  The Tsar's advisors became increasingly under control of Rasputin, who had Nicholas's wife believing his supernatural powers assisted in keeping their son alive, who had hemophilia.  Rasputin was involved in his early years with satanic cults and seemed to have supernatural powers of satanic origin.  It was also widely believed that he was having an affair with the Empress.  Russia suffers heavy casualties in 1914, when it is drawn into WWI.  Russian statesmen lure Rasputin into a trap and kill him.

     By 1917, Russia falls into complete disarray, with rebellion, riots and starvation.  The Tsar's government collapses, and soon afterwards Rasputin's prophesy of the death of the Royal family is fulfilled.  The provisional democratic governments prepared for an election.  Enemies of the Imperial regime returned to Russia, the revolutionaries came back from abroad.  Stalin returned from Siberia.  Lenin returned to Russia from Switzerland in April 1917.  The Russian Revolution of 1917 is the most important secular event in the history of this century, just as our Lady of Fatima (which came at the same time) can be described as the most important religious event of this Century.  Perceptibly, the two events are closely related.  In 1917, Portugal is drawn into the war, but in many Portuguese small villages, the issues and rise of Marxism are little known.  Such issues would certainly be unknown to the Fatima children.  Portugal's new government promised that there would be an end of faith and religion within two generations.  Legal notices were placed on Church, Convent, Parish and Rectory doors warning that Priests, Nuns and members of the Clergy were forbidden to appear in public wearing religious attire, under penalty of imprisonment.  In Lisbon and other large Portuguese cities, Church property was seized.  Hundreds of Priests and Nuns were imprisoned.  The Catholic Mass was forbidden, and marriages were authorized by civil contract only.  The great monasteries and abbeys were converted into barracks and government buildings.  In the cities, Church authorities experienced a reign of terror.

     In the remote village of Fatima, conditions were less severe, they still had their Priest.  On May 13, 1917, in the grassy depression amongst the hills outside the village, 10 year old Lucia dos Santos and her two cousins Jacinta and Francisco first see the Lady of Fatima.  According to Lucia's transcripts, "It was a clear day, the sun was shining.  At noon time we saw a flash of lightning.  We began to run, then ahead of us we saw a beautiful Lady about sixteen years of age, dressed all in white.  She was surrounded by a brilliant radiance.  We stopped about five feet away from where She was standing, on top of a small evergreen.  She said, "Do not be afraid".  I asked where She came from.  "I am from Heaven", She said.  "I come to ask you to come here for six months in succession, at the thirteenth day, at this same hour.  Then I will tell you who I am and what I wish".  Our Lady then asked the children if they would be willing to accept certain sufferings that would come to them, and offer those sufferings to God, so that sinners would be converted.  Lucia replied, "Yes, we will".  They were asked to pray the Rosary every day, to obtain peace for the world and an end to the war.  She then began to rise into the sky out of view.  Francisco sees the apparition, but cannot hear what is said.  Jacinta and Lucia see and hear, but it is Lucia alone with whom Our Lady speaks.

     Lucia warns her cousins not to tell anyone what happened.  Seven year old Jacinta, who cannot contain her happiness, tells her parents.  They are puzzled, but know that their two youngest children are truthful.  When the story reaches Lucia's mother and father, the reaction is different.  Lucia's mother was a devout Catholic, and was in total disbelief.  There were harsh words and threats to get her child to give up this tale.  The next apparition would take place June 13th.  It was the feast day of Saint Anthony.  The holiday atmosphere was eagerly awaited by all the children in the village.  The three children are not diverted and return to the Cova, as Our Lady requested.  As soon as the children pointed out those who were there the spot where the lightning came from previously, the lightning came again.  The children told the people to kneel, that Our Lady was there.  No one else sees the Lady of Fatima, but the children say She was there, the same way, in the same place.  Lucia speaks freely with Our Lady and asks Her to take them to Heaven with Her.